WEDDING ALBUM OPTIONS  - by Frank Visser Photography

With the introduction of cheap album building sites, it is relatively easy to produce an album of your wedding images and be happy with it. It is a common money saver and does the job. 

On the other hand, professional wedding albums have progressed to the high end of the scale. This means superb leathers, bound to last, and professional quality printing on (usually) stiff pages. Due to the quality and uniqueness of these albums, there is a cost. But there is more to it.

I consider the album the final touch;  every image in it has artwork applied to it, making a great image even better than it was. I make sure you get the best possible printing quality - otherwise, why would I have a colour management system with my lab, if not to show the superior result of such a partnership?


That are two reasons.

First: Quality.  Professional wedding albums are build to stand the test of time and of many hands. Stitched through pages, reinforced spines, opening flat, acid free paper base, protective sprays or laminates, and bound in leather covers (or if you are not into leather, something similarly hard wearing).  
These albums are here to stay, bound to last, for future generations. 

Second: Imagery. All images in your album get my signature treatment. That means an already great image can be made awesome by pushing through the clouds, bringing out certain features, and any cosmetics you want. This doesn't mean away from reality - Photoshop is used subtly, to reinforce, to beautify, much the same as dodging and feathering done in the traditional darkroom. And all art worked images come with your album on USB!

Then there's layout. I have won the Kodak Album Awards every time before Kodak's demise, and it shows. But don't take my word for it - all the above get's proofed to you with virtual software, that let's you flick though your album and allows you to make any change you want. I'll start it off for you with a first draft.

All I need from you is a size and a go ahead!



Magazine Albums

Our most popular album! 

Magazine albums, 24 page sides standard, reinforced spine, photographic paper mounted on hardboard, liquid resistant page surface treated, leather cover.
Examples are
10x10"  (leatherette)                                                              $ 1,295.00
12x12" or 11x14"                                                                      $ 1,595.00
14x14" or 12x16"                                                                     $ 1,995.00
Names on front cover                                                          $      45.00
Page edge gilding                                                                $      45.00
* NEW * Two toned leather, 40 page sides!, white gilding, names on front in special presentation box
10x10” $ 1595.00
12x12” $ 1895.00

6x6" or 6x8" Parent album copy                                          $    245.00
8x8" Parent album 8 pages 16-20 images of their choice  $   295.00  (also package album)

Your album credit (if applicable) has not yet been included in the prices above.


New! Two toned leather album

choice from 8 different colour leathers.