About Me


About Frank....

"I love photography.  To me it is more than just documentation and preservation - I think it can move, inspire, and change people. Sometimes on a grand scale, but more often on an intimate personal level.

This is my goal.

I get a front seat, so to speak, on one of the biggest days of your life; your wedding. I love working with people who do things their way - open to unconventional ideas, who are not afraid to get their feet wet.

There are not many commercial photographers who are also into weddings, and vice versa.
I am an exception. My strength is dealing with people - whether they are brides or talent in a commercial production makes precious little difference.  I’d like to think I get the best out of my “models”!

I’ve been professionally trained as a photographer at the School for Professional Photography in Holland for four years. I initially worked for Minolta Camera and George Terberg Photography, a huge photographic studio as one of seven photographers, then moved to New Zealand in 1992 to establish Frank J. Visser Photography Ltd, so it’s fair to say I know what I am doing.

I am always on the lookout for something new, which means keeping a close eye on technological developments and its applications.

Let me know what you would like, and how we can put it together together!


I Love:

- A challenge
- Sailing in the harbour
- Love, actually - actually
- Skiing Mount Hutt
- Old cameras - well, older than me
- Coffee
- A good book
- That elusive impromptu shot working out
- Or, with commercial, all plans coming together
- My family!
- To hear how the spark first flew
- Teaching photography
- Sunshine
- Overcast when shooting
- Ominous cloud!
- All the other things I love