About Frank Visser

For weddings: An Oldie but a Goodie!!!
For Commercial: A Wealth of Experience.....


About Frank....

"I love photography.  To me it is more than just documentation and preservation - I think it can move, inspire, and change people. Sometimes on a grand scale, but more often on an intimate personal level.

This is my goal.

I get a front seat, so to speak, on one of the biggest days of your life; your wedding. I love working with people who do things their way - open to unconventional ideas, who are not afraid to get their feet wet.

There are not many commercial photographers who are also into weddings, and vice versa.
Frank is the exception. His strength is dealing with people - whether they are brides, or talent in a fashion shoot makes precious little difference.  Frank just gets the best out of his models!

He has been professionally trained as a photographer at the School for Professional Photography in Holland for four years. After initially working for Minolta Camera and George Terberg Photography, a huge photographic studio as one of seven photographers, he moved to New Zealand in 1992 and established Frank J. Visser Photography Ltd.

Being interested in people photography, he diversified into the Wedding Industry and quickly established a name for himself. Frank is still a commercial photographer at heart though, and relished every aspect of the job - whether it is high above the ground in a crane on some commercial building site, or tweaking
his studio lights settings just so, to get a glint where he wants it.